Parker’s Doljabi

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It is a Korean tradition celebrating the first birthday of a baby with a Doljabi. Various items are placed in front of the birthday baby, and he / she is encouraged to choose an item. It is thought that the item the baby chooses, predicts his / her future. The family also creates a small raffle so people can take a guess at what item the baby will choose, and a winner will is selected from the corresponding pile.

Parker’s Doljabi was a spirited event as his family draped him in a traditional hanbok and bokgeon and honored the year of the horse in a room brightened as a winter wonderland. The frosty, rustic room was all smiles as Parker’s chosen item was a small bundle of scrolls symbolizing a long life.

Parker’s guests were in for a real treat with scrumptious treats from The Royal Fig and Sugar Mama’s providing delicious options for even the pickiest of eaters. From the reindeer cupcake toppers, to the handmade snow globe centerpieces, finishing with the kraft paper streamers as a backdrop, Parker’s family and friends experienced a Doljabi to remember

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¨    Event Planner:  Mia Event Diva ¨    Toys: Toybrary  ¨    Linens: Premiere Events  ¨    Food: Royal Fig  ¨    Balloons: Balloon People  ¨    Photography: Pinwheel Portraits  

¨    Photo Booth: Annie Ray ¨    Sweets: Sugar Mama’s  ¨    Décor: Kathy Vantastic 

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